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Higher Education (Essay Sample)

Please choose 3 main topics about higher education with supporting detail. Thank you. I will attach articles soon. source..
Higher Education
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Future Development of Higher Education in Europe
There are arguments that the increased diversification of higher education in Europe has strong proponents outside the continent than in Europe itself. In essence, there has been an increased concern among European citizens on the impact of a continuous stratification realized in the higher education sector. Claims have been that increased stratification of the higher education system is the best way in enhancing the quality, efficiency as well as the relevancy of the of the system to the overall education system. It is a matter of time and this system will be diverted from its present form, to conform to the modern trends emerging worldwide. Although the argument that the current education system in Europe is efficient, it cannot be considered as among the most effective in the world. There are indeed signs indicating some form of dysfunctions of the system. A search of more efficient alternative to this system is therefore imminent at this time and in future (Teichler, 2008).
Development in higher education research
For a successive endeavor in higher education research, administrations and those responsible must look for ways of avoiding to be subdued to the extreme. Instead, they should act strongly to be at par with the political atmosphere at each development point in the educational system. In designing queries, debates and analysis that are relevant in terms of outsmarting the existing options and assumptions, higher education research has to play the function of the devil’s advocate. Additionally, analyzing factors that relate to the current trends in the higher education will be a basis for establishing alternative means in research development. This will in turn assist in designing effective research approaches that aimed at analyzing the main elements and causes for future trends (Teichler, 2008).
The New Trends in Higher Education
A study conducted by Bhatti et al (2012) evaluated the new trends in higher education, challenges and opportunities available in the business education. This study used a survey design whereby 50 firms in Sindh province were involved through simple random sampling technique. Respondents were mainly students who were 200 in number. Findings of the study revealed that, the past years had seen a dramatic change in the education systems. Majority of the studen...
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