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Health Promotion Models, Educational Theories for Teaching and Motivation to Patient (Essay Sample)


Q 1: Compare the Health Belief Model with the Health Promotion Model; describe the difference in the definition of health for each model.
Q 2: Describe how you could use educational and/or institutional support to promote education for school nurses in your area of work. Refer to Benner’s four stages of skill acquisition in your response 


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Health Promotion Models
1 Comparison of the Health Belief Model and the Health Promotion Model including their differences in definition.
It is essential to consider that the Health Belief Model basically gives a suggestion of how people engage in health behaviors as determined by sour primary factors: perceived severity of the health threat, perceived susceptibility to the health threat, cues to action and the benefits and barriers that can be utilized in mitigating the health threats (Rotheram-Borus, Swendeman, & Becker, 2014). On the other hand, the Health Promotion Model determines the approaches that are used in empowering individuals to turn to healthy lifestyle choices and preferences by motivating them to manage their lives. In achieving the end results of these theories, the health care providers need to resort to health promotional approaches that primarily focus on counseling, support mechanisms and patient education.
2 How to use education in promoting education for school nurses within t...
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