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Gibbs' Reflective Cycle: Personal Development (Essay Sample)


This is a reflective essay that should be tailored to suit the purpose. You imagine you are a nurse training to be a tutor.
You have been asked to do your first lecture of about 100 students. the Lecture is on living with a long term respiratory condition, COPD, in this case.
These are first-year foundation students of adult nursing.
The lecture is 2 hours with a break of 15 minutes in the middle.
You notice that some 2 students on a particular row at the back of the lecture hall are constantly discussing and talking to each other instead of listening and you are constantly trying to get their attention and it is becoming very frustrating so you ask if they can share their story and they decline.
The lecture otherwise goes well from 12.15 to 2 pm when you finish. Although the rule suggests students of this level can leave after signing a book at the end of the door if they have to leave before the time, no one left and you are pleased.
At the end of the lecture, this is what you are asked to reflect on as one of the teaching strategies with this difficulty encountered.
Please use the Gibbs reflective cycle and put the story or event as an appendix.
In the eight domains of the nurse teacher training, this is number 2.2.
Eight domains of the nurse teacher training:
Competency 2.2: Develop and implement a relevant course based on innovative teaching and learning strategies that facilitate active learning and achievement of learning outcomes.


Reflective Essay
Author Name
Gibbs' reflective cycle is the prior choice of health professionals, businessmen, and educators and contributes to continuous personal development. This cycle helps ensure that a person or a group is continuously learning and improving at school, office or the health department (Garber, & Gross, 2015). I have observed that the traditional lecture formats of science courses are useless and meaningless as many students lose their concentration and start focusing on other things. I am being prepared for a nursing career, and while delivering a short lecture on living with a long-term respiratory, I observed that the first year students stopped showing an interest in the class. It was very important for them to understand what types of respiratory diseases impact our lives and how to cure them using medicines or therapies (Chow, 2016).
Firstly, I tried to keep them intact by asking a number of questions in the class and providing notes in written form, but nothing could help me keep their concentration. Then I decided to introduce a new course that had all the elements to engage those medical students. Although traditional lecture courses may be adequate for disseminating a large body of content to several students, these one-way exchanges mostly promote superficial and passive learning (Goose, 2017).
Interpretation of the incident
I must admit that the traditional lecture models often lead to students leaving their classes, so the need for a course that could provide them with lots of inspiring things has always been there. Nursing is not an ordinary profession; just like doctors, nurses are required to complete their studies, opt for internships to gain some experience, and serve the humanity in a better way (Goose, 2017). I could see that during my lecture, most of the students were not listening to me. They would have to understand that they cannot become success nurses with this attitude and arrogance. How could they do so? Weren't they aware of their social and moral responsibilities? That is time to create awareness among all nursing students and make them understand that completing their education with skills and proper knowledge is necessary for their careers (Garber, & Gross, 2015).
Over the past three decades, a series of influential articles and reports have been published on how to change the classroom environment and how to keep students' attention intact. The proper implementation of my course will help answer these questions, but before that, I would have to consult my seniors and doctors, clarifying everything to them and accepting their suggestions and feedback in a positive way (Chow, 2016).
Different teaching methodologies have been introduced in recent years, but I want to opt for audio-video aid as my course will involve active learn

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