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The Game of School in Hong Kong (Essay Sample)

Because the teacher need us to write about what school i play with. I'm from Hong Kong, so i hope you can write the Hong Kong school system in this essay. I will attach the requirement to you and the book " The Game of School". Thank you! Also, they need minimum of four sources, three of the four sources must come from the book and materials; One web source may be used( NOT Wikipedia!) okok! oh! also i forgot to tell the writer just do chapter 1 dont need to read Chapter 2 source..

Game of the school
The education system at my current school can be likened to games made for the students to enjoy. Although many play the game, not so many have ever thought of the school and the learning systems as games. Miller (2008) supports this conceptual argument that analysis words with reference to schools and games. In the school systems words like the ‘school` and the ‘education` are used while in the day to day life the words ‘school` and ‘game` are more common. Just like he education system where there are different stages from the kindergarten to the tertiary level, the games also have their levels into which one advances through. If one fails in any stages of the game they cannot advance to the next level and so is the education system. In this paper I discuss my autograph in school and how I played the games and the education system.
Like every other kid in the city of Hong Kong , I first set foot in school game at the age of three and felt that this was my chance to gain new elements of knowledge. But this quickly changed as the rules of the game were imparted on me and now I had to work towards pleasing my teachers. In two years I had to sit for the exam at the kindergarten to determine if i was fit to go to the next level. For all the content I had learnt in the two years at the kindergarten, it would only take one day to examine and if one failed to show up that day, they would have to start the stage all-over again. Graduation at the kindergarten ushered in the primary education and this game would last six years. Up to the fourth year, all was fun as I played amongst the other kids. Since my parents did not want around the home, nothing was ever too serious but a routine. Whenever a new concept was brought up in class, it always exited me and I would go on to narrate to my parents and friends about it. However I never clearly understood why I had to go to school. Either way playing with the rest of the kids was much more fun than being stuck in the class.
It was in the fifth and sixth year that the pressure finally started to build. Back at home, my parents would always remind of how I had to perform in my examination. They also reminded me that the kind of results that I managed at this stage would also determine the band of schools that I would join. These two years turned out to be very stressful, as I tried to work hard and please my parents.
Although in the end I passed and joined one of the top secondary schools in Hong Kong, which really pleased my parents, I was not happy, as none of my other schoolmates had joined the schoo...
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