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Four Countries (Essay Sample)

In the stories “The Man I killed” (by Tim O'Brien), “Dead Man's Dump” (by Isaac Rosenberg), “All Quiet on the Western Front” (by Erich Maria Remarque), and “I Am Goya” (by Andrei Voznesensky). What did you notice about the collective opinion of war? What were some common themes that soldiers grapple with? Where did they find common ground and does this tell you anything about humanity's common bonds? Every journal assignment will be graded on the depth of your response, unique perspective and your ability to relate your response back to the readings. It will be graded on the quality of your input over quantity. Average journals will be at least a few paragraphs. Make sure to follow proper use of grammar and correct spelling.So, one page will do.. source..
Four countries . Name: Course: Professor Name: (Date) Four countries What is it really like to be a solder in the times of war. The only way to know it well is for you to be there yourself. Imagine, been a solder fighting in Iraq or Vietnam; it is not a sweet ideal to go through. The second way is to read stories of those who participated in the different wars in this world; the First World War or the Second World War. These stories represent the four stories written by Tim O’Brien (“the man I killed”), Isaac Rosenberg (“dead man’s Dump”), Andrei Voznesensky (“I am Goya”) and Erich Maria Remarque (“all quiet on the western front”). These stories give us an insight of the experience in the war zones. The authors aim at sending to us almost a similar theme in their stories (Ausenda, 2002). In the Rosenberg’s poem he reflects to us on the fragility of life. He says his colleagues and him could in the next minute join the list of the dead. He goes further to say in death both friends and enemies have a common ground. This Jewish author does not shy away from portraying his religious belief by using the Christian imagery “the crowns of thorns” to show the degree of suffering they went t...
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