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Fluency Assessment: What Did You Learn From Watching These Videos? (Essay Sample)


Watch the following videos from YouTube:
“Running Records: Assessing and Improving Students' Reading Fluency and Comprehension” [2:21]. Demonstrates fluency assessment using running records.
“Running Record Analysis” [18:26]. Demonstrates how to analyze running records:
Respond to the following prompts in the Fluency Assessment and Instruction by Sunday:
What did you learn from watching these videos?
What are two different research-based ways to help teach students to read more fluently? Why are they effective?
Use citations and references in your response.


Fluency ReadingNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
These videos highlight some of the ways through which one can acquire fluency while reading. Before beginning the reading exercise, it is important to make sure that the teacher understands the reading goals of the learner. Fluency reading involves reading smoothly and paying attention to the punctuation marks in the comprehension and the expressions. The teacher should follow closely on what the child is reading and identify the mistake. As a way of improving the reading experience, the child should carry out the reading once again while paying attention to the mistakes identified to correct them.
Reading out loudly to the child can help them to develop fluency. When you are reading out loudly to the child, they will be able to understand what exactly fluency sounds like and know the different ways through which they can apply it in their readi

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