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Family and Community Engagement Education Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Family and community engagement is critical to the success of all students. Including family and community members can be challenging because of the many dynamics, such as time, communication, and engagement issues. Educators must create engagement strategies that are purposeful and thoughtful to the community demographics.
Part 1: Family and/or Community Assignment
Research and develop a homework assignment/learning activity for the content area that will engage the family and/or community.
Your homework assignment/learning activity should include:
A learning objective describing the desired learning outcome of the activity. (For example, “Students will design and implement a composting program in their community that aligns to the United States Environmental Protection Agency composting guidelines.”)
In 100-250 words, describe the homework assignment/learning activity, and how the assignment/learning activity engages the family and community.
Detail how family and/or community can be involved in establishing a positive learning environment, describing collaborative strategies.
Part 2: Reflection
In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect on the homework assignment/learning activity that engages family and/or community.
Address the following:
Methods to communicate with families and other stakeholders about the needs of students.
Challenges teachers face when creating homework, and activities that engage family and/or community.
The importance of engaging family and community in students’ education.
How you will deal with concerns or issues with parents and the possible solutions to support positive collaboration.
Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.


Family and Community Engagement
Student’s Name
Family and Community Engagement
Part 1: Family Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to help students learn and appreciate cultural diversity in and out of the classroom.
* Students will interview family members to learn about their family and cultural history
* Students will explore how different aspects of their culture have affected them and their interaction with other people
* At the end of this learning activity, students should be able to identify the different parts of the world where they have roots in
* A set of questions for the family interview
* A map of the world
* Drawing pins for making countries of family origin on the map.
Interview Questions
Where did my ancestors come from?
How did we come to live here?
Which traditions/ practices are unique to our culture?
Which religion did our family prescribe too?

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