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Experiences of Freshmen Living On and Off-Campus (Essay Sample)


Compare and contrast essay. Block organization(Body paragraphs. 1.Subject 1(freshmen living off campus): feature 1,2,3. Subject 2(freshmen living on campus): Feature 1,2,3.). The essay will be uploaded to turnitin(plagiarusm checker). Dont use facts or statistics from internet, write it from ur own experience(if u were freshmen)


Experiences of Freshmen Living On and Off-Campus
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Experiences of Freshmen Living On and Off-Campus
When one advances to higher education, there are many decisions one needs to make, some of which will have far-reaching consequences in the course of university life. Freshmen, in particular, will have to choose the courses they will take, and a particular subject to major. In the same context, the freshmen will have to choose events, and extracurricular activities, which they will participate. For freshmen who attend a university that is far from their hometown, they will have to choose a place to live. Apparently, choosing where to live is the single most important decision, which freshmen have to make, and in most cases, due to lack of information, freshmen often fall into dilemmas. As such, prior to making this decision, freshmen must consider the differences between living on and off campus. These two forms of accommodations differ in a variety of contexts, such as cost, convenience and level of privacy.
There is considerable variance in the residential costs for the on-campus and off-campus accommodation. The freshmen who choose to live on campus will have to pay a fixed amount of rate, which leaves no room for negotiation. However, freshmen who live in off campus have the opportunity to access different accommodations, which have different prices. Between the two, then instances of frustration will be rampant for freshmen living on campus because failure to raise the accommodation fee will result to termination of the accommodation. For the freshmen living off campus can move to other residences when they cannot afford the set accommodation fee for a given semester.
In addition, freshmen living on campus must take food prepared by th...
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