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Equity and Equality in a Community of Learners Education Essay (Essay Sample)


Through reflection on this week’s required studies and your personal or professional experiences with equity and equality, consider how you might best impact change in your professional world. While you might not have the power to enact system-wide change, you have the power to begin change in your community of learners.
*Read: https://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/wgbh/frontline/article/an-unfinished-crusade-an-interview-with-jane-elliott/
* Watch: https://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/wgbh/frontline/film/class-divided/
*Chapter 1: Brockton High School, Brockton, Massachusetts (Szachowicz, 2015, pp. 31-44)
Reflect on and respond to the following:
1)Why is it important to develop equity in your classroom?
How will this perspective affect what you teach?
How will you teach it?
2) Identify a change you believe you could make or have made in your classroom, school, or professional life that would or has supported the notion of excellence through equity. What is one small thing you could implement right away that would make a difference for your students or community members?
Describe the change as well as the rationale for it and the intended outcome you would like to see.
How will you know it is successful?
3)While reading chapter 1 of the text (Blankstein, Noguera, & Kelly, 2016), what is one insight you gleaned from the experiences of the faculty, staff, and students at Brockton High School to affirm or modify your proessional practice?
4)What two insights did you gain by watching the video A Class Divided (Peters & Cobb, 1985)? How will those insights impact your promotion of equity and equality in your personal or professional capacities?
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.


Equity and Equality in a Community of Learners
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Equity and Equality in a Community of Learners
Question 1
It is important to develop equity in my classroom because this will enable me to give every learner in the classroom access to the resources they need in order to learn and thrive. I will provide the learners with a fair learning environment that fosters excellence for each student. This perspective will affect what I teach in that I will strive to incorporate the concept of equity in my lessons. I will teach equity in my classroom by teaching the learners what equity is and why it is important.
Question 2
One change that I believe I could make in my classroom that would support the notion of excellence through equity is replacing the notion that all learners in the classroom should get the same homework completed and submitted at the same time with policies and a culture that considers the fact that some students do not even have a home and they should not be punished for this. Instead, such students should be supported by the school community and relevant policies. Every student would also get the resources that he/she needs. The rationale for this change is that it allows every student to receive what he or she needs in order to succeed (Blankstein, Noguera & K

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