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Discuss The Effects Of Interruptions In Attachment On Children (Essay Sample)


Please discuss the effects of interruptions in attachment on children, particularly as related to a) temporary separations, such as those experienced by military families and b) separation issues when the interruption is permanent, such as the loss of a parent or other primary attachment object.
We will be discussing information from the readings (including the Cournos' book) as well as any related research you find. If you wish to use your own experience as information, make sure it is analyzed (i.e., link to what we are now studying to your own analysis of what you experienced).
Lastly, if you work with young children you may choose to discuss how brief separations between children and parents are best handled. Refer to the research on nonmaternal care from Nurturing Natures or Rethinking Attachment as your guide.


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The attachment theory states that a secure attachment in a child forms because of the availability of the attachment figure physically (Gabriel, 2017). Development of attachment to children helps to keep the communication between them and their attachment figures open and helps them to tolerate physical distance as they grow up. Lack of accessibility to these individuals due to separation or loss has detrimental effects.
Separation of children results in outcomes such as developing separation anxiety and distress, whereby they become restless, cry uncontrollably and have difficulty attaching to other people. Additionally, children in military families when separated temporarily due to the deployment of their parents, teachers observe them developing acting out behavior such as protesting, throwing tantrums, moodiness, being quiet and unhappy (Murphey, Darling, & Chrisler, 2011, p.11-12). Children also regress in need to depend on their caregivers, where...
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