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Final. Education System in The United States. Education Essay (Essay Sample)


Please answer the following questions, paying attention to backing up your claims with evidence:
Each question must be half page. Last question(9) is one page.

1. Can public school districts assign students to schools to promote racial/ethnic at the building level? Why or why not? (10 points)
2. Why do many scholars of education view A Nation at Risk as the predecessor to the high stakes testing introduced by NCLB? (10 points)
3. How is a charter school similar to and different from a traditional public school? (10 points)
4. How are schools held “accountable” for their work in the U.S. today? (10 points)
5. How are vouchers funded? Where do these funds go? (10 points)
6. Why does Ravitch claim that the growth of charter schools is an attack on democracy? Do you agree or disagree? (10 points)
7. What is the relationship between “accountability” and “privatization” of U.S. schools? (10 points)
8. In those states that award performance pay for teachers, how is performance assessed (10 points)
9. What do you believe public schools in the U.S. are doing well and why do you think that? (20 points)


Education System in The United States
Student Name
1 Yes, public school districts should assign students to schools to promote racial/ethnic diversity at the building level. This will lead to educational and lifelong benefits in society. “School is where children learn to appreciate, respect, and collaborate with people different from themselves” – Arne Duncan. Student diversity both racial and ethnic diversity leads to better student learning, better student preparation for the job market and improves civic values. From the research, races differentiated on the basis of environments always have a negative effect on learning opportunity while diversified environments give greater learning opportunities. Schools with greater percentages of students of the color, mostly those that also in need, seems to be lesser represented in terms of teacher value and uniformity, learning resources and the value of the curriculum (Dee & Penner, 2017). This will lead to the production of students with low grades and the number of the ones who will manage to graduate

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