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Education 20 Class: Race And Nationality (Essay Sample)


Your written reflection should approximate 500 words (or about two double-spaced pages). Please choose one of the options below for your final reflection topic for the course.
Option #1 - Crossing the Line Class Activity
Take a moment to describe your own experience of the event.
Which statements were you proud to take the side you did?
Which statements were uncomfortable for you to stand on the side you did?
Which statements were challenging to pick a side for?
Were there times when you just went with the flow instead of going with how you really felt?
How did you feel when there were lots of people on your side of the line vs on the other side of the line?
What was one thing you took away from this activity?


Education 20 Class



Education 20 Class
There are several activities used in understanding these simple activities help people talk and listen to one another. By understanding each other, one can gain more knowledge about their differences. Cross the line is one of the activities where people remember experiences they've had or experiences where they were treated badly. I once participated in such activity in school where the teacher explained the exercise, instructing us on what we were to do. First, the teacher used a masking tape to draw a straight line on the floor, everyone lined up along the line facing the same direction.

The teacher pronounced an experience and instructed everyone who had such experience to cross the line. During the exercise, the teacher called out several experiences one notable one being: cross the line if you've ever seen someone else being teased or called a bad name or mad (University of Southern Indiana, 2012). After each instruction, some students stayed where they were, while others who had had that experience crossed over to the other side of the line.

I recall during the exercise to have supported some of my neighbors who felt threatened because of their race and nationality. I was proud that I was among the few people who were against racial discrimination. However, I felt uncomfortable when the teacher called out to cross the line if I had ever felt pressure from friends or an adult to do something that I did not want to do and I felt ashamed afterward

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