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EDU501 History and Policy in U.S. Education Education Essay (Essay Sample)


Topic: The Digital Revolution in Education
Write 4 pages not including cover or reference page. Describe how " the digital revolution" has changed the American education system. Focus on k-12 or higher education. Also, address the shortage of higher education graduates in STEM fields compared to other countries and what can be done in both k-12 and higher education to address this shortage. A clear induction, well developed & balanced body and a concise conclusion that summarizes the essay is expected.
Please use APA to cite sources, and include a reference list at the end of the paper


History and Policy in U.S. Education
Due Date
History and Policy in U.S. Education
Digital revolution has changed the traditional pedagogical processes, especially in higher learning. Though the educational curriculum has not been completely overhauled to reflect the modern labor market, technology has changed many facets of higher education. Today technology has become the backbone of higher learning especially in research and supporting new modes of teaching that has helped increase enrollment and graduation rates. Additionally, it is undeniable that technology has positively and adversely affected the education system and most necessary changes have not been made to adjust to it. For example, it has led to increased enrollment because many institutions offer e-learning courses but the curriculum has not been streamlined to equip learners with the futuristic knowledge of dealing with future technological problems such as co-working with robots. The workplace today is still lagging behind many technological trends and institutions of higher learning which are mostly tasked with preparing people for their respective industries has not mirrored these needs.

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