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discussion: dominant and recessive allele (Essay Sample)

Question 1: Explain the difference between a dominant and recessive allele. (137 words) Question 2: Give an example of an autosomal trait and explain the phenotype and genotype. Then give an example of a sex-linked trait and explain the basis of sex-linked traits. (Why does it not follow Mendelian genetics?)(137 words) Question 3: Discuss the chain of events that led to the discovery of DNA as the heritable substance and the discovery of the structure of DNA. (137 words) Question 4:Discuss/diagram the process from gene to protein. In other words, how do we build a protein based on a sequence of DNA? source..

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To begin with, dominant is an allele that is usually expressed in an individual who is heterogeneous. Recessive allele on the other hand is that trait that is only expressed in a homozygous situation. In Dominant allele, single copy of a gene is sufficient to express its character, and it is usually denoted by the capital letter. With recessive allele, it requires two copies of the gene to express its character, and it is usually denoted by small letters. If a mom for instance is Aa, and a dad is aa, we see that here the A is dominant. What this portends for their offspring is that it will have 50 percent chances of taking up all the characteristics of A. In the case of a dominant allele, what is needed for that characteristic to manifest is one allele, however, for the recessive, both parents have to contribute the recessive allele for the trait to be manifested in the offspring (Clark, et al., 2003).
An autosomal trait is that trait that is passed on to an offspring via genes, it, however, does not determine the sex of that individual. The opposite of that would be sex-lined traits which are likewise inherited through genes though these ones do determine the sex of an individual. Some examples of autosomal traits are inability or ability to roll the tongue, widow`s peak or continuous hairlines among other. Autosome dominant traits occur du...
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