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EDU 6813-Week Six Discussion – Technology Enhanced Instructions (Essay Sample)


Select one of the following prompts to write a response for in the Resources discussion forum by Wednesday:
Impact of Universal Design
Available Curriculum Programs
Adaptations to Gen. Ed Mathematics Programs
Manipulatives and Hands-on Materials
Technology Enhanced Instruction
Resources for Planning & Teaching Mathematics
Note. Include the number and title of your selected prompt in the subject line of your response.
Include the following in your response:
A direct reference to the reading material via quote or citation.
Analysis, connections, examples or some other form of original thought, do not summarize the text.


Week Six Discussion – Technology Enhanced Instructions
Your Name
Subject and Section
Professor’s Name

These days, technology exists in every single facet of our lives. From day-to-day activities and even to industrial applications, technology becomes an indispensable tool for us to perform these functions efficiently and effectively. One example of this application is education. As compared to traditional models of learning, studies have shown that the effective integration of instructional technology helps both teachers and students. On the one hand, technology can be used to implement examinations and other assessments, which “saves time, development costs, and enhances test administration efficiency and effectivity, all under the umbrella of a secure testing environment” (Foster & Foster, 2019).

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