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Death penalty vs Jail time. Education Assignment. (Essay Sample)


The essay should discuss the pros and cons of the death penalty vs jail time. There should be an introduction, thesis statement, main paragraph with its main idea and supporting ideas, conclusion and recommendations.


Death Penalty vs. Life Imprisonment
The criminal justice system has for a long time grappled with the debate between death sentence and life imprisonment. There are a number of circumstances and conditions that help to determine the kind of ruling to be taken between the two, but much of it revolves around the gravity of the offense committed. There are also people who are usually sentenced to death, but the ruling is never carried out to execution. Much of the death sentences in the U.S is carried out through the lethal injection. The issue of whether to hand over the death sentence against life imprisonment has been about cost and its effectiveness.
Pros and cons of the death penalty vs. jail time.
The cost of carrying out death sentence to completion is costlier than a general life sentence. According to Amadeo (2019), it costs on average $1.12m more in the handling of inmates on death row than those on a normal life imprisonment. 

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