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The American Family (Essay Sample)

Discuss how societal forces, such as the economy, cultural changes, social movements, or technological advances, interact with the human need to create family. Provide three specific examples of how these types of changes have affected American families over the course of history. Then, identify what you consider to be the most significant current influence on the changing functions and forms of family. source..
The American Family
Although procreation is a natural process in which human beings engage in and therefore end up with family units, there is more to creation of a family than procreation. In deed a myriad of societal forces including technological advances, the economic situation of a people, prevailing cultural changes as well as both planned and unplanned social movements all play an influential role in family creation (Lamont, 2000).
Firstly, societal forces have a lot to do in determining the quality of life the American family has had over history. To date, every single family`s quality of life is as good as the kind of the medical care it can afford, the sort of technology it can afford as well as the culture it finds itself adapting to. Sometimes, these societal factors are far beyond the families direct control because issues to with finances for instance will shape the any family`s quality of life yet the predicament any given family finds it self in sometimes is not something a family as a unit earned.
Secondly, societal forces shape the political situation as whole for the entire country. Therefore the government policies on many different important issues will entirely almost always depend on the government of the day. The decision to go to war, to fund some programs and to fail to fund others. The passing on of some legislations which eventually influence the politics of the country all depend on the persons at the political helm and that too influences and shapes the family.
Finally the other major way in which the societal factors have influenced the family is how they have slowly but surely changed the American family from a male dominated one. In deed due to the societal factors, today more than before households who are h...
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