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Curriculum Alignment (Essay Sample)

Fill out Instructional Materials Evaluation Checklist attached below of instruction then write essay ( read instructions) source..

Curriculum Alignment
Student Name
School Name
Curriculum Alignment
Lesson components
Grade level
The grade level chosen for this study is the preschool which is the first stage of learning that children undertake before starting the mandatory education; it is usually for children between the ages of three to five years.
Subject area
Preschool program consists of the following subjects; - language arts, cognitive development, creative arts, music, motor skills, dramatic play, discovery and computer lab.
Learning objectives
Language development-the children learn how to speak and express themselves. Through interaction with the teacher and his classmates the child learns how to talk and communicate with people. Through language development the children also learn to share opinions, ideas and thoughts.
Cognitive development- the children are taught to see and know things. They are taught to recognize and know things a way of stimulating their memory. They learn concepts like numbering, coloring, counting and recognizing shapes.
Health and safety skills- they are taught about personal hygiene and how to take care of themselves. They learn basic grooming like toilet training, washing hands, brushing teeth and dressing themselves among other things. They are taught how to keep their property in order when in school like how to place study equipment after a lesson, where to keep their bags, books and coats.
Social skills- the children learn how to interact with their peers. They also learn about self confidence and they are taught how to develop self-esteem (Champaign College of Education Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative 2010, n.d). They learn about discipline and how to follow rules, be independent and focused. Through playing games, performing activities, singing they learn about expressing themselves and also learn about developing personal feelin...
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