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Cultural Diversity in Classroom (Essay Sample)

Length: 300 words (no references are required) We don't want you to read, nor cite any readings in this initial short essay. Just document your current understanding of issues around cultural diversity in classroom. There is no right or wrong answer and you can be completely uninformed! Draw on your past schooling experience to contextualize your discussion. The blog is not assessed now but only when you submit formally as completed Assignment 1A and B on 5 August. You are going to use this essay as a starting point for subsequent reflective writings (Part B). This is a necessary condition for Part B, which means that your Part B won't be assessed unless you complete Part A. Suggested steps for assignment completion Step 1: Revisit your past schooling experience. Discuss how multiple forms of diversity (cultural, ‘racial,' socio-economic, and linguistic differences) that students (including you) brought to classroom were addressed (nor not addressed) in your past schooling. Consider the following questions as a guide: -Did you have classmates who were ‘different'? Or were you ‘different' from the rest of your classmates? In what way were they/you ‘different'? -How did your school and classmates address the ‘difference'? -Do you think your school and teachers addressed the ‘difference' appropriately? If not, how better could they have addressed it? Step 2: Imagine that you are appointed to teach in a school that has a considerable number of children who come from different cultural, ‘racial,' socio-economic, and linguistic backgrounds than yours. Let's say you've got 3-5 recent migrant students who are fluent in their langauges but face major problem with the instructional English. Discuss the kind of things that you would do (or would not do) in teaching in this hypothetical classroom in terms of curriculum, teaching methods, and interactions with kids and their parents. source..

Cultural Diversity in Classroom

By and large, culture has direct impacts on learning and teaching. In the school setting, multiple types of linguistic, socio-economic, racial and cultural diversity abound given the different backgrounds of the students. For instance, in my past schooling, most of my classmates were from different social, cultural, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. They comprised of students of African-American, Native American, Spanish, Asian and Mexican descent. Largely therefore, the class was made up of culturally different students who subscribed to different cultural practices, values and learning patterns.
In response to these differences, the school had adopted a form of teaching that accommodated the divergence with English as the only instructional language. As such, students with inadequate skills in English were required to enrol in language classes before joining the institution. Similarly, classmates shared individual cultures...
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