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Criminal Justice: Kelling and Wilson (Essay Sample)

Wilson & Kelling write, “This wish to ‘decriminalize' disreputable behavior that ‘harms no one'—and thus remove the ultimate sanction the police can employ to maintain neighborhood order—is, we think, a mistake.” How do you respond to them? And Why? Has to do with “Broken Windows” theory. Please ref: Crime Control in America: What Works? (2nd Edition) By:John L.Worrall source..

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice
Kelling and Wilson argued that criminality acts are cultivated by untended environment, and therefore the way out is to tend it through being bigoted of the nominal illegalities. As the two authors write, "this wish to "decriminalize" disreputable behavior that "harms no one"- and thus remove the ultimate sanction the police can employ to maintain neighborhood order--is, we think, a mistake" (Kelling & Coles, 1997). There are numerous ways to respond to this statement. This paper seeks to give my response for the assertion by the two authors: Wilson and Kelling.
In an interpretation of their statement, having a single vagrant or a single drunk arrested, without harming any identifiable person is particularly unjust. However, not doing anything concerning hundreds of vagrants or a score of drunks may annihilate the whole community. In response to the writing by Kelling and Wilson, I would say a certain rule that makes sense particularly in the case of an individual makes no particular sense when it becomes a universal rule and effected to all the cases. I think this is so because it fails to consider the connection that exists between a thousand broken windows and one broken window left untended. Other agencies besides the police could help address the problems posed by the mentally ill and/or the drunks; however, in most communities most specifically where there is strong movement of "deinstitutionalization", such agencies ...
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