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Play-based educational curriculum Education Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Early Childhood Education: Emergent Curriculum Prompt:
Your objective for this paper will be to contrast a play-based educational curriculum classroom and an academic based curriculum classroom.
Step #1: The focus of your paper will revolve around the following:
What are your thoughts on whether play-based education can truly meet a child’s educational needs the way that an academic classroom might?
Step #2: For your paper I want you to follow the following format below of having:
Step #3: First you will focus on the introduction and I want you define and discuss a play-based emergent curriculum and an academic based curriculum.
*Then describe your preference if you prefer a play based emergent curriculum or an academic based curriculum.
*Next, if do you believe that children who were in a play-based environment meet their education needs just like they were in an academic classroom environment?
*Do they need to have to have an academic curriculum environment to be successful? Or can play-based give them the same skills and the same knowledge that they would get from an academic classroom.
Step #4: Now I want you to focus on the Body which can be multiple paragraphs:
*In your body paragraphs discuss the connection that Emergent Curriculum has with a Play Based curriculum.
*For example, what connection does play based have with the emergent curriculum? Your answer can be that the emergent curriculum is totally built on play based, but state what the connection is? Therefore, give examples of strategies/activities in play base form that support children’s academic skills.
* So if you were in a play based emergent curriculum, what type of activities or strategies happen in that environment to support the child’s academic skills.
Step #5: Now I want you work on writing the conclusion.
*Here I want you to restate which curriculum do you prefer and why? Based on your preference describe what kind of curriculum would you use between play based emergent curriculum or academic based?
*Also, how can a teacher support both styles of play based and academic based classroom in a classroom? Here, you describe if you believe both styles can be supported? For example, do you believe that a classroom environment can support emergent curriculum and academic based curriculum? And if you believe it can then describe how it does? or if you don’t believe it then describe why not?
Paper Guidelines:
* Must be at least 3 Full Pages
* Must be at least 825 words
* Must be in Times New Roman Font Size 12
* Must be in APA Format
* Consider writing your responses with a minimum of 5 sentences per paragraph.
* Must have at least 2 different APA educational resources and 2 APA different references. Your references can be the Chapter readings from your book like Chapter 1 or Chapter 8 of the book titled “The Unscripted Classroom: Emergent Curriculum in Action” by Susan Stacey. You can also use educational articles that you find just make sure to cite them properly in your paper.
* Must include a reference page.
Notes to the Essay Zoo Writer:
* I included screenshot images of the Chapter 1 of the book titled “The Unscripted Classroom: Emergent Curriculum in Action” by Susan Stacey in the order form.
* Included the screenshot images of Chapter 8 of the book titled “The Unscripted Classroom: Emergent Curriculum in Action” by Susan Stacey in the DropMeFiles link below:
*This is how the book should be referenced: Stacey, S. (2011). The Unscripted Classroom: Emergent Curriculum in Action. Redleaf Press
* Included the PDF of Susan_Stacey-Emergent_Curriculum_in_Early_Childhood_Settings which has more information of the emergent curriculum
* Here is a link to an article of Lee, K. (2012). Understanding the Case For Emergent Curriculum. Retrieved from http://www(dot)allaboutchildcare(dot)info/
* Here is another link to a different article of Burnett, C. (2009). Is Your Teacher a Pirate? – Understanding Emergent Curriculum. Retrieved from https://childhood101(dot)com/is-your-teacher-a-pirate-understanding-emergent-curriculum/
* I also included a PDF article titled "Clay Play" by Liz Rogers and Dana Steffan
* Feel free to include other educational articles or sources that you think will help with this paper.
Thank you for your time


Contrast a Play-based Educational curriculum and an Academic Based Curriculum in Early Childhood Education
Contrast a Play-based Educational curriculum and an Academic Based Curriculum in Early Childhood Education
A play-based emergent curriculum is an educational setting that allows teachers to collaborate with children around every activity they engage in during learning. Educators work around the ideas, developments, topics of interests, and the questions asked by the children (Stacey, 2011). The curriculum is not guided or subjected to specific requirements. Thus, children learn through what is around them and what is happening in the real world. On the other hand, an academic-based curriculum is a dominant type of education where children learn what their educators think is right for them to know (Stacey, 2011). The curriculum is enclosed to the classroom, and the children cannot access what might be entertaining them in the classroom. The grown-ups dominating the system decide what the children should learn, and the concept must be adhered to without any alterations (Stacey, 2011). I prefer a play-based academic curriculum at the expense of an academic-based curriculum. While the latter system may seem focused and probably in the position to equip learners with desirable knowledge, it does not allow them to acquire the awareness of what they are bound to deal with in real-life situations. I believe that play-based new curriculum molds children all around the basic tactics they need to acquire from an education system.

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