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Constructing a values sequence (Essay Sample)

Essay: Constructing a values sequence Weight: 40% Length: 1600 words Learning Outcomes: 1, 2 Graduate Teacher Standards: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 Task Overview One of the core aims of the new Australian Curriculum Geography (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, 2013) is for students to develop ‘as informed, responsible and active citizens who can contribute to the development of an environmentally and economically sustainable, and socially just world' (p.2). This assignment gives you the opportunity to understand effective teaching methods when exploring values in geography. This essay requires you to choose a teaching topic relevant to primary students and demonstrate through the selection of a newspaper article and an appropriate values teaching strategy (as outlined in Module 2), the activities you would use in the classroom to enable students to explore the topic you have chosen. This essay requires you to research a topic/issue and demonstrate this knowledge and understanding of both the issue and the community in your justification of choice of article, topic and values education strategy, as well as the teaching/learning activities planned. Through this process, pre-service teachers will gain experience in the knowledge and understanding of both content and pedagogy that are crucial for teaching geography. The task in detail Select a newspaper article that reflects a current community environmental concern that is appropriate for teaching about different values in the primary classroom. Your essay needs to: -Select an appropriate newspaper article that reflects a current environmental issue affecting your local community Please note that a copy of your article MUST be submitted in an appendix of your assignment as well as included in your essay reference list. -Introduce and explain the issue and the reasons why it is appropriate for a values investigation and the significance of the issue. -In line with the Australian Curriculum Geography (ACARA, 2013), identify the year group and key inquiry question you are planning to address. Justify your choice of article in line with the content descriptions for your chosen year group. -Explain the values teaching approach (as outlined in Module 2) you will use in the classroom and why this choice would be the most effective and appropriate for your year group and topic/issue. -Outline, and discuss briefly, the teaching activities that you will use to demonstrate your understanding of the procedural steps involved in connection with your selected approach. Expected reading for Assignment 1 Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority (2013) Geography F-10, ACARA. Note: Download from http://www(dot)australiancurriculum(dot)edu(dot)au/Geography/Rationale EDSS479 (2013): Teaching HSIE/SOSE in the Primary School [Module 2 Notes]. Armidale, Australia: University of New England, School of Education. Reynolds, R. (2012), pp.117-125, 130-132 in Teaching history, geography & SOSE in the primary school, 2nd ed. Melbourne, Australia: Oxford University Press. E-reserve Gilbert, R. (2011). Working with values and controversial issues. In R. Gilbert & B. Hoepper (Eds) Teaching society and environment (pp. 79-98). South Melbourne, Victoria: Cengage Learning. Gilbert, R. (2004). Elements of Values Education, The Social Educator, Vol. 22, No.3 Kivunja, C., Reitano, P., Porter, K. (2011). Promoting global citizenship: Using controversial issues in social science lessons,The Social Educator Vol. 29, No. 1, pp.5‐15 source..
Values and teaching primary schools on flooding and natural disasters Name: Institution: Date: Introduction There is increased recognition that schools and teachers have pivotal role to play in facilitating value education with particular emphasis on morality and ethics (Lovat & Toomey, 2009). This view is contrary to an earlier perspective that stated that the role of values in the life of students was the domain of parents and the family. Thus, public education is now holistic and prepares students for active participation in the society by upholding morality and being a good citizen. Equally, it is now recognized that the quality of education determines the achievement rates of students. This departs from the notion that education performance among schools is merely a reflection of student’s ability. The environment does affect learning, but this is does not provide a good forecast of education success. Nonetheless, there are critics of value education who insist that focusing on value education is an infringement on freedom and rights of individuals. Other individuals shy away from the issue because it is politically incorrect. However, government agencies in Australia dealing with education concur with the contemporary view that there is a need to facilitate learning of value education in primary schools. Consequently, the Department of Education expects schools to implement value-based education in their curriculums. Therefore, teachers are vital in ensuring that there is success of value education but for this to be possible, the framework adopted by government agencies ought to be regulatory (Cairns et al., 2013). The Australian Curriculum Geography (ACARA, 2013) prescribes that students ought to be active participants in the society to deal with 21st century problems. Active participation of people in the Australian society could begin at school through encouraging inquiry and discussion on controversial matters. Through school progra...
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