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Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan (Essay Sample)

Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan: Minimum 5 page paper will address all issues related to classroom management. The introduction to your plan will begin with the the beliefs about the learner and the approach to discipline base your theoretical perspectives learned in class- your philosophy of education. You will then expound upon these beliefs and outline a plan for incorporation into the classroom. The paper will present your finely crafted road map for management. It will address issues such as student awareness, code of Ethics, implementation parent notification, (include your introduction letters to parents) record keeeping, physical environment of the classroom ( include the reason for a seating chart or seating consideration), other special considerations etc. This should be your plan specific to youe setting. Thus outline pertinent details like age group of 14 -18 note: Learning Plan Using Prooblem Solving to Resolve Behavior Problems Maintaining the classroom Environment source..
Classroom Management Plan Name: Course title: Instructor: Institution: Date Due: Introduction Management of the classroom and children’s behavior constitutes one of the greatest huddles that teachers encounter in their profession. This becomes worse if the schooling situation appears to be a special or a unique case. For teachers to be successful managers of their classes, they should endeavor to create an environment that instills positive behaviors, stimulating the student’s imaginations and clarity. It is therefore, important for teachers to be knowledgeable on the management concepts to apply them in any given school and classroom setup. Learners exhibit individual differences and attributes that are related to their developmental, cultural/ethnic and social differences. For example, some learners do believe that the purpose of learning is to expand on their knowledge in understanding the world. Other learners may harbor a perception that learning enables them to understand issues and not necessarily making them smart. Learners in middle class level may emphasize on nurturing their own individual talents. On the other hand, students from low economic backgrounds may concentrate much on their economical situations than their learning aspects. While a particular learner may have one specific goal, another may have a combination of such goals. It is therefore essential for teachers to consider these differences when designing classroom management plan. Charles (1999) postulates that classroom management is the basis for an efficient classroom discipline and behavior. He believes that the methods that encourage student involvement will make them become focused on their tasks, thus reducing indiscipline cases. The author goes on that enhancing student school satisfaction will ultimately deter indiscipline cases among the students. This is largely because if students are involved in the learning process as well as being satisfied with their own environment, then they will improve in their performance. Indiscipline cases will decrease since the students may not have time for illegal activities. The learning environment should therefore, be conducive for all students so that they get to appreciate their school environment. The aim of this paper is to present a theoretical perspective on how the learner’s behavior could be managed. Behavioral Management in the Classroom In a situation where students exhibit indiscipline cases, teachers should be mandated to use different methods and tactics, which will help these learners to focus towards their goals. The concepts of management should be effectively applied by teachers in a classroom setup, to ensure that everything goes on in a smooth way. In any school situation, it is a very important aspect for teachers, to asquint themselves with the knowledge of the behavioral management theories. Fred John introduced a non-adversarial technique of making a class run efficiently. He wrote three b...
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