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Co-Teaching Interventions Education Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Collaborating with another teacher or a paraprofessional to co-teach helps to meet the unique needs of all students in an integrated setting. Learning how to develop positive relationships, share responsibilities, plan, and implement instructional delivery together can be challenging, but has a multitude of benefits. How teachers make decisions about behavior management, classroom routines, and delivery of instruction can directly affect the learning of the students as well as the overall classroom climate.
Using what you have learned about various co-teaching models, think about how each of those models could be applied to the small group of students you identified for the Topic 5 assignment and how use of each co-teaching technique could benefit the students in the group.
In a 500-750 word narrative, discuss the following:
Summarize three co-teaching models you could use to deliver the lesson.
Explain how the use of each co-teaching model applies elements of effective collaboration to support learning for students with disabilities.
Explain how each co-teaching model would be applied by describing what it would look like when being implemented in the classroom.
Justify how the use of each co-teaching model could benefit the students that make up the small group.
Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.


Co-Teaching Interventions
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Co-Teaching Interventions
Summarize Three Co-Teaching Models You Could Use to Deliver the Lesson.
Having a variety of co-teaching models helps instructors arrive at the best approach based on each class's objectives and their students (Dove & Honigsfeld, 2017). Out of the various co-teaching models available, I would choose to use the one-teach-one assist model, the one-teach-one observe model and the parallel teaching approach. I choose these three because they are the easiest to execute and, based on existing research, the most proficient. In the one-teach-one assist model, I would team-up with another teacher, and we would decide between us who would teach and who would be assisting. Then, during the lesson, the one teaching would start the lesson as the other teacher helped the students through the learning process.

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