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Classroom Management School or classroom standards for behavior help create educational expectations (Essay Sample)

Task: Write an essay (suggested length of 3–5 pages) based on your area of specialization (either K–8 certification or secondary math, science, social science). source..
Classroom Management Name Institution Course Date Abstract If there is one thing that poses a major challenge to individuals practicing to be teachers, it is the aspect of classroom management. Well, though this might be introduced and talked about in class, there is a very high possibility that when it comes to the actual implementation, a major challenge is encountered. The essay below describes how a social studies class can be managed. Classroom Management For a Social Studies Class, there are some activities that should come in at the beginning of the lesson so as to prepare the students for the day`s learning. One of these activities can be the recap of the previous lesson`s activities. In this, the students refresh their minds on what was discussed in the past lesson. Also, it helps in bringing the students` minds back to the current lesson from the one they just came from. Another advantage of this activity is that it provides continuity in the learning process. Once the recap session is over, it can be very easy for the teacher to proceed to the next topic with a smooth transition. Otherwise, if the topic of the day was just introduced, there is a very high possibility that the students would be confused and would take quite some time to follow the tutor. In this activity, the expected behavioral activities are the willingness and ability of the students to participate in the activity, which indicates the desire to learn. Another activity that can come in is the cooperative learning. Halpern (2011) indicates that cooperative learning helps to make the learning activity more participatory. Given that it is a social studies class, it is quite important that the students get actively involved since it helps in shaping their social skills. This also gives the teacher a chance to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students sinc...
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