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Benchmark - Student Engagement and Classroom Management Plan (Essay Sample)


Building the community for your classroom and your students will give you the opportunity to engage your students and their families. Communicating your procedures, routines, and expectations creates transparency with all stakeholders.
In the previous weeks, you completed assignments to develop knowledge and skills for effective classroom management. These assignments will inform this benchmark assignment.
Create a "Student Engagement and Classroom Management Plan" for a specific grade-level and content area that includes the following:
In 250-500 words, write a personal philosophy of student engagement and classroom management (adapted from your Topic 1 assignment) that includes:
A description of your overall classroom management philosophy aligned to personal beliefs you hold that support it.
An overview of how you will manage your learning environment in order to engage students.
How you will collaborate with students, families, and colleagues to build a safe, positive learning climate of openness, mutual respect, support, and inquiry.
How you will take a leadership role advocating for meeting the needs of students, and enacting system change.
Write a one-page letter to send to families at the beginning of the school year introducing yourself and explaining your classroom management plan and how you will maintain ongoing communication with students and families to build positive school-home relationships.
In 250-500 words, describe how you will actively and equitably engage students by establishing procedures, routines, and expectations. Include 4-5 specific procedures, routines, or expectations you will implement in the classroom. (These procedures or routines may be revised from previous assignments, or they may be new.)


Student Engagement and Class Room Management
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Student Engagement and Classroom Management Program
My philosophy of student engagement and classroom management is focused on developing a healthy learning environment. The students should be encouraged to share their opinion with others openly. It is the responsibility of the instructor and student to ensure that the classroom environment remains comfortable and safe for everyone (Jones and Jones, 2015). My overall classroom management philosophy is aligned with my personal beliefs, and I support it. I interact with the students on a personal level which help me in understanding their problems.
I manage my learning environment effectively and engage students to participate in interactive classroom activities. Team and group-based assignments are given to students in the classroom. Students are allocated one hour to complete small tasks (Franklin & Harrington, 2019). Then 15 more minutes are given to students to prepare and present their assignment in front of their classmates. The adaptation of this approach has helped me to keep the students engaged and focused on their studies.

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