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Childhood In A Global Perspective, The Focus Country Is Togo (Essay Sample)


This course is called childhood in a global pespective, and this paper is focus on a majoarity country(developing country)-Togo. I was assigned the country Togo in the majority world and investigate the ideas and expectations regarding childhood in that country. How children live, what criticial issue they are facing in this country(Togo) and its context will become the focus of this paper. This report is an opportunity for students to critically engage with the theoretical and practical elements explored in this course, and put them to work in a particular context through research and reflection.
In this report, students are expected to explore the following elements:
1. demographic details of their focus country – including populations, geographies, major industries, government infrastructure and key historical information;
2. KEY ISSUES facing children in their focus country, including a profile of a GRASSROOTS (local) child-focused service or program; the RELATIONSHIP established Togo and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the EFFECTS OF THE CRC on their chosen country’s ideas and expectations of children and childhood; *the issues should be discussed deeply.
In my outline that I uploaded, I just states three main key issues:
1). Child trafficking and child labour
2). Disease
3.) mental health (after abuse, child labor, traficking, because I think these three are common in Africa country)
* the third one you could change it, but I hope the fisrt two should be discussed.
3. CONTRASTS between the focus country’s(Togo) ideas regarding CHILDHOOD and popular Western/Northern conceptualizations of childhood;
some areas need to be compare deeply(at least choose four):
1.policy and practice(regarding to childhood or education)
2.gender, race and class(how these affect their childhood/access to the education)
3.children and their family/migration(adoption, foster, trafficking)
4.children and war(child sodier) and work(child labour, education and globolization)
6. rescuing children and children rights.
I uploaded my outline which provided some info I thought it is important, there are also include some resources as well.
This paper will be written in an academic RESEARCH report format – in full sentences and with proper citations and references according to APA. Be clearly theoretically grounded in the course material by engaging with material in the course text and additional 5 scholarly and child-related professional and advocacy material. 
There are some websites that I did reearch that I think it is useful (not scholared or peer-reviewed):
Thank you so much!
Have a good one:)


Childhood in a Global Perspective
Due Date
Childhood in a Global Perspective – Focus Country is Togo
Background Information
Togo is also known as the Togolese Republic is located in West Africa. It is a small country covering an area that is approximately 57,000 square kilometers or 22,008 square miles. Its population is also quite small and totaling 7.6 million people. Togo is plagued by poverty because of its struggles in the economic front. A high percentage of the country’s population lives below the poverty line and this thus permeates evils such as child labor which continues to thrive in the country. Different reports have been posted regarding child labor in Togo. Reports have been encouraging in the recent past but the country still sees a majority of its children work instead of going to school. The Bureau of International Labor Affairs (BILA) reports that 29.6% of children between the ages of 5 to 14 are working. 86.1% of children in Togo attend school and one could be led to think that this is a positive indicator. However, statistics from BILA shows that the percent of those who combine work and school hovers at 29.5%. These are disturbing numbers that curtail the future of Togo’s children.
In the economic end, Togo’s main industries include the mining industry, the brewery industry, and the textile industry. In the mining industry, some of the minerals found in Togo include phosphate, gold, limestone, diamond, among others. Togo’s textile industry is also growing and in 2017, the United States announced that Togo is “eligible to enjoy trade benefits under AGOA for textile and apparel products.” This shows that the country is indeed doing relatively well in the economic end. However, there is still a lot of room for the country to improve. In the infrastructural sector, the country boasts of a railway and the port of Lome which were built for the sole purpose of exporting agricultural products.
Historically, Togo is among the countries that suffered greatly as a result of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. West African countries lost many of their people to slave trade starting from the 16th century. However, it appears that the evils of slavery never left the country because reports emerged of child slavery and how it continues to thrive in the country. Palacios (2017) from the Aljazeera writes that in Togo and Benin, “Thousands of children are sold by their families, often for as little as $30.” The above is disturbing because life for $30 is a clear indication of how mankind continues to lose its humane side. For these children, Palacios writes that what awaits them “is a life of slavery.” She continues to say that they “endure physical and psychological abuse as they work from dawn until dusk far from their homes.” Poverty continues to push the country further and deeper into the abyss of inhumanity. The government, on the other hand, sinks deeper in corruption as people continue to despair. Governments that neglect its people and only focus to advance the agendas of a few people often suffer from the issues described above. Child trafficking continues to thrive because a majority of families depend on subsistence farming. Hopelessness strikes the people and the government continues to act in ways that suggest it is contented with the status quo. It remains to be seen whether change will one day sweep over the country but as indicated, the people are not hopeful.
Key Issues in Togo Affecting Children
Child Trafficking
In a 2003 report from the Human Rights Watch, both boys and girls are victims of child trafficking. The report indicates that girls are “typically recruited into domes...

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