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Case Study Paper Education Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


Case Study Paper Prompt:
In the past couple of weeks you submitted your answers to Case Study #1, Case Study#2, Case Study #3, and Case Study #4. Remember each case study was the same about Jon and his grandmother but the only difference was the different series of questions I asked you to answer separately in each case study.
Now for this assignment you are going to write a two page paper connecting all those four Case Studies that you did previously into a two page paper.
Instead I want you think about what you have learned from your research about the four case studies you answered about Jon and his grandmother.
For example, now in this 2 page paper I want you to tie all those case studies together by thinking about your previous answers to the previous four case studies and reflect on them and connect them to any research that relates to what you were talking about the previous four case studies that you wrote about Jon and his grandmother.
For example, maybe you can connect your answers to research on article readings you may have found online specifically educational or academic articles.
Maybe you can connect your answers to the textbook of Copple, C., & Bredekamp, S. (2009). Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth Through Age 8. Washington, D.C.: National Association for the Education of Young Children. ISBN: 978-1928896647
Maybe you can connect your answers to the textbook of Morrison, G. S. (2015). Early Childhood Education Today. New York: Pearson Education. ISBN: 9780134520841
Case Study Paper Guidelines:
* Must be in Times New Roman Font Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around.
* Must be in APA format.
* Must have 2 references
* Must have an APA cover page.
Notes to the EssayZoo writer:
* Even though I wrote the instructions for this assignment in this order form I also uploaded a PowerPoint Presentation called Case Study Paper Guidelines where you can also listen to the narrated instructions by the professor as to how to write this paper.
* I uploaded word documents to all four previous answers to the Case Study #1, Case Study #2, Case Study #3, and Case Study #4 just in case you need to review them.
*If you need to review the Case Study itself it was the same one for each of the previous four case studies so here it is below:
Case Study: Jon is a four-year-old boy, bilingual (Armenian and American), 3 1/2 ft. tall, 55 pounds. He is considered obese. Jon presents with some social emotional issues likely related to the grandmother’s hovering and overprotective ways. Sasha (grandmother) tells Jon not to run, shuns him from getting dirty or wet at the water table when present, she wipes his face for him often, hand-feeds him food, injects herself into social situation with the other children during pickup times, and is the primary caretaker while the parents work. The parents Emily and Dr. John, work long hours but also rely heavily on Sasha to care for their son while they take frequent vacations and long outings.
Jons’ teacher recognizes that Sasha is the doting grandmother and talks with her and finds out that she fled her country to avoid war with her children in her arms as babies. She has been in America for 30 plus years and has a thick accent, and she speaks 4 languages. When Sasha leaves the school, Jon begins to scream and also tries to bargain with the teachers to leave the school. It is obvious he suffers from separation anxiety. Sasha is seen sitting in her car for hours waiting to return for her grandson. She lives 20 minutes from the school.
*Also just in case you need to look back the Case Study questions for each of the Case Studies #1 through #4, I will post them below according to each case study.
* Case Study #1, the assignment questions were:
Question 1: If you were the teacher, what would be your first steps in addressing this situation?
Question 2: Who would you address this with? What supports/research if any would you supply?
Question 3: Finally, would any of the theories from the Morrison text, Chapter 5, apply? Which and why?
* Case Study #2, the assignment questions were:
Question 1: Compare and contrast how Jon’s life might have been different with and without his grandmother’s influence in his life.
Question 2: How do you think her influence in his life will influence his education (now and later)?
* Case Study #3, the assignment questions were:
Question 1: How would you help Jon handle the separation anxiety?
Question 2: How would you help Jon’s grandmother handle the separation anxiety?
*Case Study #4, the assignment questions were:
Question 1: How do you feel about Jon’s parent’s involvement in raising their son?
Question 2: What do you think might have been the scenario if the parents had been more or less involved in Jon’s raising?
* The answers to each of the case studies #1 through #4 are in the Microsoft Word Documents.
*Overall, this 2 page paper is kind of a reflection of what was learned in the previous four case studies only this time we will use articles and or textbooks to support our final thoughts.
Thank you again for all your time. I really appreciate it.


Case Study Paper
Case Study Paper
Jon shows a behavioral trait linked to the continued overprotective treatment by his grandmother, Sasha. This behavior has affected Jon negatively by impacting his ability to socialize and interact with his peers in school and at home. At such a tender age, the school offers an opportunity for him to develop his cognitive and social skills through interactions with other students from different backgrounds. However, over time Jon developed social anxiety due to separation from his grandmother. While separation anxiety is normal for any developing child at early stages, its continued presence in the child as he continues to grow increases the chances of it being severe (Winston & Chicot, 2016). A combined effort from the parents, school and Sasha can provide a solution to Jon’s parent through gradual interventions such as therapy.
Sasha seems to be suffering from anxiety herself, mainly because of her past experiences fleeing from war with her children. This anxiety develops over time and creates an overprotective grandmother that spoon-feeds Jon and does everything for him. This type of behavior seems destructive since it denies Jon the chance of growing up and becoming independent from a young age. Her anxiety causes difficulty concentrating on other things when Jon is not around hence impairing her judgment. At her age, this anxiety may develop further and lead to other mental disorders such as depression in the long run (Copple & Bredekamp, 2009). Therefore, adequate treatment for her anxiety involving family and group therapy may assist Sasha to overcome the problem.
On the other hand, Jon's parents show neglect to

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