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Authentic Assessment Reflection Paper Education Essay (Essay Sample)


REVIEW the Karl Taro Greenfield article "My Daughter's Homework is Killing Me" and the Alfie Kohn article "The Case Against Grading"
WRITE a 700-1050 word reflection paper on the role of homework and grading in authentic assessment
RESPOND to the following questions:
-Provide your informational opinion on Greenfield's and Kohn's views on homework and grading. Do you agree or disagree with their contentions? Why?
-Are homework and grading necessary forms of assessment in elementary school? Why or why not?
-Provide two or more examples of possible homework assignments that could be used as authentic assessment.
-Are there alternatives to grading? If so, describe
INCLUDE in-text ctations for both articles and references correctly formatted to APA guidelines


Homework and Grading
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Homework and Grading
Homework and grading were formed with an aim of assessing the understanding and capabilities of learners. Learning institutions have embraced these tools to improve the performance of their learners and to keep their minds active. However, homework and grading have elicited different views on their effectiveness. Two of the authors who have raised concerns against the tools include Greenfield Karl Tao in “My Daughter’s Homework is Killing Me” and Alfie Kohn in “The Case against Grading.” The two authors discuss the disadvantages of giving students a lot of homework and the consequent grading process. According to both authors, the process has a negative effect on the learning experience. I share their views as schools are using homework and grading for the wrong reasons. Grading makes schools and students prefer the easiest possible way and develop fear for failure.

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