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Teaching Strategies: Read-Aloud (Essay Sample)

Identify a strategy that you believe could have the most impact on student literacy improvement in your school or one with which you are familiar. Create a plan for implementing a collaborative action research project to study the effectiveness of the strategy you have identified. In as much detail as possible, explain how you would approach each step in the collaborative action research process (specifically as it relates to the identified strategy). In this application, you are selecting the focus (i.e., a strategy to study). In your plan, describe how you would foster the collaborative group's selection of a focus that would be engaged in the collaborative action research project. Specify a hypothetical timeline for conducting the collaborative action research project. Hypothesize and describe two potential difficulties you might encounter in implementing the particular strategy at the school that you have chosen. Explain how you might address each of the difficulties. source..

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Schools which are committed to reading and writing strategies in all area have a positive impact on the students’ achievements in school. It is important to identify the best learning strategies which permit the school at all levels to meet the students’ needs. The strategies employed must be transparent to students as they provide content-area instructions to become a common place across all subjects (Fisher, Frey, & Williams, 2002). Through working on a professional development plan that is centered on the strategies enhances the development of the best learning environment. The cornerstone of professional development plan is the link between strategic teaching and student learning as it allows growth in expertise across all departments. This essay will examine the benefit of read-aloud leaning strategy in discussing the success and challenges of implementing this approach.
Read-aloud which is also referred to a shared reading is said to be one of the most effective method for young students to listen to fluent reading. The teachers have to lead every day to their students while the students listen and in other cases the teacher has to read aloud while the students read along (Fisher, Frey, & Williams, 2002). The selections are not always from the books but opt the reading materials that have the capacity to build the background knowledge of students, which ensures they are provided with vocabulary words and listening fluent reading. Diagnostic teaching is one way of dealing with the learning problem which arises from practical teaching situation because learners are able to identify their weaknesses and strengths to facilitate their learning. This method is effective as it enhances teachers to make instructional decisions before and after reading event (Oueini, Bahous, & Nabhani, 2008). The teacher is able to identify individual differences ascertained through pre-teaching assessment to identify learners’ problems, adjust instructions and monitor improvements in both learning and teaching.
In order to deal with students who have low self-esteem and diverse proficiency levels in reading class, a collaborative program is created to enhance reading and learning. This plan provides a collaborative environment teachers and students work together to support one another while they still remain aware of individual differences.
Pre-assessment is the first step in the diagnosis of the research that emphasizes on the strategy to teach and how the strategies are employed. The study has to understand the background of the students and the needs which form the prerequisite of the follow-up teaching. The students are required to write a description of the learning background and beli...
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