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Analyzing your beliefs about what constitutes a family (Essay Sample)

Analyzing your beliefs about what constitutes a family. In this paper, you are required to write a 3-4 page paper analyzing your beliefs about what constitutes a family. The analysis must include the following: A description of the fit between your own beliefs and the various definitions and theories of family presented in the course readings; An exploration of the ways in which your own personal experience has influenced your beliefs; A review of other factors (eg. culture, socioeconomic status, gender) that have contributed to your perception of family; The ways in which your personal beliefs could influence your work with families. In order to adequately complete this assignment, you will need to incorporate into your paper what you have learned from the course readings, class activities and discussions in Module One. source..
Family Constitutes Name: Institution: Many scholars and researchers have come up with various definitions of family. In all the definitions, it is evidence that a family constitutes of various aspects. Each individual has his or her own beliefs in respect to family. However literally, a family would refer to as the group that comprises of father, mother and children (Demmitt, 2008). This group comprises of different individuals put together by the same identity. Therefore, in social hierarchies, the family stands at the top because of its strong power that unit all the members. This is an indication that family is more than each member’s sum. Family would depend on our choice to relate with someone. This is when commitment and devotion counts in the family relationship (Parsons, & Bales, 1956). Family creates a place of safety where people can come together and love each other. It gives us a sense of belonging and people feel important and needed. In my belief, a family means that people love unconditionally and everyone feels accepted and at home regardless of their biological ties. Therefore, it is love and not the DNA that inspire a family. Therefore, the discussion herein seeks to analyze my beliefs about what constitutes a family in relation to theories in the course, personal experiences, and review of factors that may affect one’s beliefs and how they can affect how the person work with families. One of the major constitutes of family is love. Love ties the members together. It makes each member care for the other. Family love is unconditional, to love everyone regardless of their possibilities or challenges. If parents did not love their children...
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