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What Makes A Philosopher: Characteristics (Essay Sample)


The first assignment is to write a very short paper addressing the question of "What Makes a Philosopher?" The paper should seek to highlight some characteristics of philosophers as philosophers. This paper should be two hundred and fifty words in length, and no more than 250 words. A word count should appear with your title. Also, the paper is to be written in the third person. In other words, no “To me philosophy is . . . ” For aid with writing this paper, Wikipedia nor any other work should be cited as a source for this paper.


What Makes a Philosopher?


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What makes a philosopher?

Philosophy is from a Greek word, phileo, and Sophia, which literally means "love of wisdom" (Justin, 2016). A philosopher is a thinker, the doer of their thoughts and the recipient of wisdom they have discovered. Philosophers have qualities such as good memory, breadth of vision, a quick mind, a sense of proportion, and the ability to learn. To pursue their knowledge and wisdom, they use philosophical methods such as rational arguments, questioning, discussion as well as systematic presentation.

Philosophers engage rational thinking in their work. This involves following some criteria to analyze reality, argue reasonably and accept counterarguments. Throughout history, philosophers are known for dialectics and methodical doubt, which allow them to have something cl

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