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TUX Mod 4: Time Management (Essay Sample)


Please Follow the instructions from the attached document below


Poor time management skills often lead to additional stress in our daily lives.

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey says that people spend time in one of four quadrants.  Click on the link below and review  Covey’s quadrants.


Now it is time to fill out your own Covey quadrants.  Use the strategies discussed above to move more items to Quadrant 2.

Click Here


Life Events that lead to Stress:

Review and complete the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory assessment.

You will need to mark each item that has occurred in your life in the past year and then add up all of the points.

 Write a 2-3 page reflective essay on your results.  Make sure to include information on your current stress level.  Also comment on strategies that you currently use or may use in the future if your stress level becomes overwhelming.


Time Management
One of the bestselling books that Stephen Richard covey authored is called the 7 habits is highly effective people. One of the aspects that Covey talks about in the book, regards time management, which leads to most of the stressful scenarios in people’s lives. Different duties and activities in our lives mean differently to other persons, as such, the priority shifts from one person to the next. The quadrant that was developed by Covey to try and explain the aspect of priority of certain activities in our lives is a good example of how we prioritize these activities depending on our values. According to covey most of the people spend all their time dealing with the activities that are in the third and fourth quadrant. The activities listed in these two quadrants are not as important and therefore most of those that concentrate their energies to accomplish these activities end wasting time that would have otherwise been used with more productive endeavors. In order to be in control of the time and activities that we engage in we need to concentrate our energies to the activities that are in the second quadrant, as they are important and they are not urgent (Ulacia, 2009). This means that we get to complete the tasks at hand while at the same time investing in the future. The effectiveness of our efforts also shoots up significantly, and ...
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