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The Reproductive System (Essay Sample)


An ovum is released by a mature ovarian follicle, but the subsequent corpus luteum does not secrete progesterone. If the ovum is fertilized, is implantation possible? Is a full-term pregnancy possible? Explain.
The reproductive system may seem a bit isolated from other body systems in that its purpose is to create new life, not just maintain existing life. But there are significant relationships between the reproductive system and other body systems. Name three organ systems that the reproductive system especially depends upon, and briefly explain that dependence. Then name two systems whose anatomy or physiology is influenced by the hormones of the reproductive system, and describe these influences.


The Reproductive System
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Corpus luteum secretes progesterone that enhances the thickening of the ovarian walls. This facilitates preparation of implantation of an egg that is already fertilized. The thickening of the walls is paramount because it’s meant to maintain the pregnancy. A defect always occurs whenever the Corpus luteum fails to release the required progesterone. For this reason, if this error occurs the walls will not be thickened, and implantation is impaired. In case a pregnancy has already taken place, the fertilized egg may be flushed out when someone is experiencing menstruation (Rogers, 2011). For this reason, a full-term pregnancy is not possible at all.
The reproductive system plays a significant role in human life by enabling development of new people. However, this system is connected with the muscular, circulatory and the nervous systems. Its relations to the nervous system are explained through the possible erection in males and secretion by women after sexual arousal. The muscular system is also linked to the reproductive system especially during childbirth. It enables contractions of the muscles to allow easier delivery. On the other hand, the circulatory system allows for proper thickening of the uterine walls that facilitates implantation of an egg.
The endocrine system is influenced by the hormones released by the reproductive system first, the reproductive organs produce progesterone or testosterone that assist in increasing the sexual drive. All these hormones are connected to the endocrine system. The reproductive organ like the testis, for instance, synthesizes some of the hormones (Sherwood, Burchart, & Sherwood, 2013). Therefore, it makes it as a secondary endocrine system. Similarly, the nervous system is influenced by the hormones rele...
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