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Team Work (Essay Sample)


Read Chapters 9 and 10 of the Greenberg textbook.
Chapter 9
1. Describe the evidence regarding the effectiveness of teams in organizations and explain the failure some teams to operate as effectively as possible.
Chapter 10
1. We all experience vulnerability at times with the decision making process. View the video, The Power of Vulnerability
Based on the video, how do we make ourselves vulnerable or not so vulnerable with decision-making. Sometimes do we try to make the uncertain, certain, by making a decision without the facts and taking into consideration everyone's perspective of the decision at hand? Do we pretend that the other perspective doesn't even exist when we are making decisions?
2. Identify and discuss the various factors that contribute to imperfect decision making in YOUR organization. Are the factors of imperfect decision making influenced by the rational-economic model, the administrative model, or the image theory?
Please remember to support your answers with textbook citations and a peer-reviewed/scholarly journal. You should have three to four supporting materials for your original discussion post. Please supply references at the bottom of your post with proper APA referencing for your sources, and include APA formatted citations within your responses. Your post should be at least 250 words. 


Team Work
Teams can be effective at dispensing their tasks and mandates and they can also be the main reason a task has been performed dismally. Group dynamics as such are crucial in ensuring that all the members understand their roles and the basic guidelines of an effective team.
Teams are quite effective when it comes to the operations within an organization. According to a study carried out at FedEx, when teams were introduced at the firm, there was a reduction errors that were previously common in billing, where they reduced by approximately 13% within one year (Greenberg, 2013). Another company that was able to reap from teams working in their premises is the Procter & Gamble, which cut down their costs to 50% after trimming off 30%. Companies such as Weyerhaeuser, Best Foods and General Electric improved their p...
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