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Strategic Planning in Textbook Buying (Essay Sample)


This forum will examine the strategic issues associated with textbook buying in college. Go to our course textbook (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble & Strickland, 2014), Part 2, Case 3, and read the case regarding Harry Lindsol’s Textbook Decision (C-26 – C-32). Note that at the end of the case study there are some web “endnotes” that can increase your sense about this case. From the case, answer the following questions, being as specific as possible:
1. What are the key elements of strategic planning that are addressed in this case study?
2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of moving to ebooks, as based on the case (and on what you read online about epublishing)?
3. Since this case was written somewhat recently (2012), in your informed view, what is taking place to support or deny the rise of ebooks as a viable alternative to hardcover textbooks?
Finally, based on your assessment, what can you apply to organizational work in your sector from what you see regarding Harry Lindsol’s Textbook Decision?
[No citations/references required; write in the third person; this forum is designed to contribute to skill development]


Strategic Planning in Textbook Buying
Institutional Affiliation;
The Key Elements of Strategic Planning Addressed
According to Lindsol, there are some strategic plans that can be employed in the textbook business model. One of the strategies involves the acquisition of editors who would be used to recruit professors to publish textbooks for their companies. These editors would be compensated from the books they brought into the company through a commission based approach.
Another method involves the use of the internet platforms that enable publishers to produce books in PDF versions through online links. This has been achieved through the initiation of interactive online software that encourages professors to use their products instead of those from their competitors. Through these initiatives, the learnSmart interactive learning techniques have been developed to adapt to every individual learning needs and capabilities.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving to EBooks
One of the most significant importance and advantage of the eBooks is in the migration of physical textbooks to online books that have solved the problems of editions. In some subjects that would often change from time to time such as Business Studies, publisher's no longer have to wait for the usual standa...
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