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Stonehenge Essay (Essay Sample)

Complete an extended definition essay of 750 to 1000 words. Choose one of the following topics listed in Steps to Writing Well (pp. 252-53) Delete the following or the following topic: “Select a puzzling or ‘mysterious' subject from a field of study…or from an interest you have explored. Write an extended definition that explains this mystery for your readers. As appropriate, include information about its characteristics, parts, history, possible causes, effects, solutions, benefits, or dangers. Or investigate a well-known mystery, such as, Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle, etc…. Remember that your essay should offer in-depth explanation, not just general description.” -- “Suggestions for Writing” (Wyrick, p. 259) -- “Suggestions for Writing” (Wyrick, p. 259) Use the source of text book source..

Carolyn Nguyen
Excelsior College
Stonehenge is defined as the largest stone shrine located in the Southern part of England (Aronson and Pearson, 2010). It is compost of several stones that weigh numerous tons and it is believed that they were brought in the region from approximately 200 miles from their current location. There are no clear explanations on how these stones came into being, as no one understands about their mystery. However, through scientific research, various theories and myths have been formulated to explain the existence of Stonehenge with none providing a comprehensible prove of the origin of the Stonehenge. As found by Aronson and Pearson (2010), Stonehenge is not ordinary as some can weight above 26 tons. It is also found that these stones were erected from 2950 B.C.E to around 1600 B.C.E. In the process of developing these stones, (2010) realized that Stonehenge were constructed using two kinds of stones, bluestone and sarsen. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to provide historical background of the erection of Stonehenge.
Based on the characteristics of the types of stones used in constructing Stonehenge, Stonehenge are hard, a characteristic derived from sarsen stones making them the best stones for the constructions of Stonehenge. Similarly, they appear to be having a bluish color as they are also made from bluestone, which are sedimentary stones (Aronson & P...
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