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Sexism: Gendered Digital Divide (Essay Sample)


Select one “Ism” and relate it to the concept of the Digital Divide that you feel connected to (personal history, issue, concern, strong feelings, a situation or incident)


Sexism/ gendered digital divide
I picked sexism, as there is a gender gap in the digital divide, with women underrepresented in the engineering and information technology as well as gaming. The young white males have tended to experience the use of computers at a young age compared to other demographic groups, and this has extended even to their adult lives. Many tech entrepreneurs are men, but there is a glass ceiling for women who want to rise up in using technology and leading tech companies. The gaming community is marketed to young male participants, while the hacker community is almost impenetrable for many women. There is a culture that focuses on the achievement of men, while downplaying that of women.
The digital divide mostly represents the differences between groups who have access to the internet and technology. Such disparities may emanate from socio-economic disadvantages, technological skills, education attainment. Social stratification and access to computer technology may increase the digital divide between males and females. The digital divide has resulted in women being less visible participants on the internet, with even many web activists being men. Even though, women in the west have better access to the internet, the same cannot be said of women in the developing countries. Even as women improve their influence, men are still the major influencers in technology-based fields, and internet forums.
The IT skills gap and exposure to computers has increased the g...
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