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Self-Assessment Exercise (Essay Sample)


Complete the Self Assessment Exercise on pages 292-293 of the Greenberg text.
Submit your score from the Self Assessment Exercise along with your answers to the following question.
1. Submit score.
2. What does this questionnaire reveal about the particular factors that would keep you from working well in teams?
3. What do you think can be done to overcome your barriers to working in teams?
Submit a response to the questions (500-word count). Support the concepts (in-text citations) of the assessment with one scholarly journal article and textbook material. Provide references in APA format with your references.

Self-Assessment Exercise
Course title:
Self-Assessment Exercise
The score that I achieved is 80. Given that higher scores ranging from 80 to 100 are a reflection of a greater readiness to work in teams, I am inclined to believe that I am actually ready for some team work. In essence, what the questionnaire reveals about the particular factors that would keep me from working well in teams is that such factors do apply to me but not very much. As per the questionnaire, the statements that reveal I may not really work well in teams are those that I gave the score of 3 on the scale – applies a fair amount. For instance, the following statement fairly applies to me: I prefer working together with other people rather than working alone – this statement does not apply a great deal or perfectly. As such, the fact that I often prefer to work alone instead of working with others means that this is a crucial factor that may actually keep me from working well in teams.
In addition, the questionnaire has revealed that I do not need help from other people in order to achieve many things; this is a major factor that could keep me from working effectively in teams. On the questionnaire’s sca...
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