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Salvation Soft Drink: The Food and Beverage Industry (Essay Sample)


To be a successful manager you will be required to think “outside the box” to position your company to have a significant sustainable competitive advantage. The purpose of using Sherwood Enterprises or Salvation as your base case is that it is a fantasy, not fact. This allows you to look outside of the bounds of what has been tried before and not be constricted to following the “facts” but still being constrained by the reality the company faces.
You may take as much "artistic license" when interpreting the "fantasy facts". They are nothing but a broad framework for you to begin thinking how you wish to attack the midterm. Be creative and concentrate on applying the theories we have been discussing to the case. Please don't get wrapped up in detail for this midterm. If one of the "fantasy facts" do not line up with the direction you wish to go feel free to change them.
You only have to choose one of the two cases. I choose salvation
Please see the attachment for the case and question


Salvation Soft Drink
Salvation Soft Drink
Have you ever hoped for a cheaper, better, healthier alternative to Coke and Pepsi and other soft drinks?
The Food and Beverage Industry
The food and beverage industry is one of the fastest growing and ever improving industries. With technology growing and developing, opportunities to further expand the industry abound. Over the years, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have dominated the soft drinks market. From the outside, it looks as if they have given their customers value for money. However, this is not actually the case. Being only two key players, they have taken advantage of the inadequate competition and reaped huge profits at the expense of their customers. With our Salvation drink, customers will have a cheaper and healthier option that is meant to enhance their well-being.
Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the leading giants in the soft drinks industry. Together, they control over 90% of the total market share. Additionally, they have a global customer base with distribution centers in almost every region to ensure that their customers do not hustle to get the products. On overage, Coca-Cola edges Pepsi in terms size and global presence. Coca-Cola has a market capitalization of close to $188 billion while that of Pepsi of $142.22 billion. Locally, there are other small competitors but their threat is not imminent.
Target Customers
The company targets customers of all ages. We know that breaking the hold that Pepsi and Coca-Cola have on the market will not be easy. Therefore, we intend to target those customers that are health conscious, customers who believe that when they consume Pepsi and Coca-Cola products, their health would be in danger. However, the product would be used by customers of all races, religion, and gender regardless of their ethnic affiliations and beliefs.
Mission, Vision and Values and Goals (Objectives)
To provide customers with a chemical drink solution that can be used with any water while ensuring richness in minerals and vitamins and guaranteeing healthy consumption. The solution should be capable of reducing cases of mental illness and ensure reduced cases of hear-attacks.
To be the leader in the production of healthy soft drink solutions that help customers to stay fit and young.
Goals (Objectives)
* To provide a chemical solution that can be used with any type of water.
* To provide a solution that is rich in vitamins and minerals.
* To provide a product that has less fiber and roughages
* To provide a product that has anti-cancer toxins.
* To provide a product that is anti-aging and helps in keeping skins looking young
* To reduce cases of heart attacks
* Top stop hair loss in men and women
* To maintain proper mental health
SWOT Analysis
The strength of our product and company is that we offer a product that places much focus on health. This is likely to give us an edge over Pepsi and Coca-Cola because the products they provide have ignored the health aspect. The weakness is that we do not currently have brand equity and a loyal customer base. This will make cracking and entering the market very difficult as the two main competitors have a loyal customer base. The Opportunity for the company lies in improving the customer base through extensive marketing and sending out a message on the opportunities that the product has in terms of making them live a healthier lifestyle. They should realize that our product is a cheaper yet more effective alternative and offers them a deviation from the norm, a new realization that they can consume t...

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