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Response Essay: Embracing Technology in Education (Essay Sample)


Read Postman, N. (1995). The end of education: Redefining the value of school. New York: Alfred A.Knopf.(1st source) (File attached)
In this response essay:
defend your personal reaction to the reading
Steps to take:
Read through the essay
Annotate the essay
Ask questions about what the author is writing
Analyze the response
Consider the responses of others on the topic(from two other authors about the use of technology 2-sources)
Please represent the author accurately
Support your points by quoting and paraphrasing the author. 
Thank you in advance.


Response essay
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Embracing technology in education is a contentious topic, and it can be a tricky topic to approach. Replacing teachers, forgetting the basic way of studying, and access to inappropriate content are some factors why some people are against technology in education. They argue that the conventional way of learning is the only basic mode of studying. However, technology should be embraced in education, because technology offers easy access of information, and supports independent learning for the students.
Technology in education has introduced an exciting way of educating students through images and other graphics present in computer that stimulate student’s interest in studying. In addition, technology offers easy access of information that eliminates the need of carrying heavy book back and forth from school and home.
Postman, (1995) argues that children should be taught in a group setting, where they interact with others and learn how to behave in a group. Exposing children to group settings support the children to learn skills of connecting with others and taming their personality, however, Berry, (2011) argues that technology can also assist students to learn life skills. Maintaining appropriate online etiquette, composing e-mails and understanding to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources in the internet are some of fundamental skills offered by technology. In addition, Tudorache, (2012) states that the use of technology should not be associated with lack of connection with other students, since use of technology in education in substitute classroom e...
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