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Research Methods Discussion (Essay Sample)


First page:Research Methods for Writers is a different from other writing classes you may have taken, and you may already feel a bit lost because you don't quite know what research methods are. That's okay, and that's exactly why we're going through the opening module very slowly.
Many disciplines have research methods unique to their field, and you'll notice that our next reading ("The Law, Politics, and Ethics of Qualitative Research") is targeted toward sociologists. It's lessons about human subjects research is important for any field, and that is why I've assigned it.
I chose not to assign a standard research methods text precisely because most prepare you for academic research and in this class we are focusing on researching as writers in the workplace.
In other classes when you've written research papers, you've likely cited the research/work of others, e.g., a scholarly journal article. This is secondary research. In this class, we’ll discuss what it means to conduct original or primary research, e.g., conducting an interview or administering a survey. We’ll focus on how research methods can be used to address issues of usability (No, Usability Testing 1,2,3… isn’t the wrong book for the class).
What I have described thus far is a brief description of research methods and for this discussion, I want you to explore further by addressing the following in an organized post:
1. Google “research methods,” “primary research methods,” “secondary research methods,” “qualitative research methods,” and “quantitative research methods.” List at least 5 things you learn and link any sites you find particularly useful.
2. How do you think writers can use research methods on the job?
3. So far we’ve read two articles. What do you think they have to do with research methods for writers?
Second page: 
After reading "The Law, Politics, and Ethics of Qualitative Research" (Its in attachments) and viewing "The Beauty of Data Visualization". 
discuss the following:
1. What you learned about ethics and conducting research.
2. What ethical issues might be faced when interpreting research.

Research Methods
Course title:
Research Methods
Research methods
A research method is understood as the process that is utilized in collecting data and information to be used to make business decisions. The research method can include surveys, interviews, publication research, in addition to other research techniques, and may include historical as well as present information. Put simply, a research method is a way that researchers use to get information (Rich, 2014). Primary research is used to gather original information directly for the researcher’s purpose. It is not collected from published sources. The main primary research methods include direct observations, surveys, as well as focus groups and interviews which are developed and carried out by the researcher.
Secondary research is used in gathering existing information through the sources that are currently available. The researcher searches for existing data which was originally gathered by another person. Examples of secondary research methods include looking in libraries, journals, or going to online sources (Warren & Karner, 2011). Qualitative research is for the most part exploratory research and is utilized in gaining an understanding of the underlying motivations, opinions, and reasons. In essence, qualitative research offers insights into the problem. It also helps in developing hypothesis or ideas for possible quantitative research. The common qualitative research methods include observation/participation, individual interviews, and focus groups. The size of the sample is usually small (Warren & Karner, 2011).
Quantitative research is utilized in quantifying the problem by producing arithmetical data or data which could be transformed into useable statistics. In essence, quantitative research is employed in quantifying behaviours, opinions, attitudes as well as other defined variables and generalize findings from a bigger sample population (Early, 2013). The various quantitative research methods include different types of survey such as mobile surveys, paper surveys, and online surveys; systematic observations, f...
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