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One Of The Provided Readings: Do You Speak English? (Essay Sample)


Good afternoon,
The requirements for this essay are the same as the previous one you wrote for me. I got a 30 out of 30 which means that was an excellent job done. I have selected two readings which are not too long. Please use the one that you would like to write this journal. Attached please find the two readings and the guidelines.
Should you have any questions please let me know.
Thanks and have a great evening.


Do You Speak English?
(Student’s name)
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Do You Speak English?
Reactions and Impressions:
I find the boy to be significant part of the story because he was the one who caught the fish and was reprimanded by the tourist. I think that there is more to what the boy was doing and is described to be someone who comes from a poor family and the fish is probably dinner, but sold it instead. The tourists who saw the boy were not necessarily bad because they were concerned about the fish and paid the boy to bring the fish back to the water. However, it was too late because the fish become too weak to live longer. When the tourists had left, the boy took the fish with him and went home. This was a mischievous move for the boy because he gave a high price for the fish and the tourists still paid for it.
“He was perhaps nine or ten years old, barefoot and grubby, and his skin was marked with insect bites.” I find this to be an interesting line in the story because it perfectly describes the boy’s way of life and how he is kept. I can reflect on this because the boy put in the effort to go fishing just to have food to bring home. At t...
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