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Portfolios 1 Writing Assignment: Play One: Family Fued (Essay Sample)


I really upload the requires and just need to do 7 exercises(include at least one attempt at a 10-minute play and one example of fiction), each at least 300 words, 7 exercises just need about 2200 is fine.


Portfolios 1
Portfolios 1
Play One: Family Fued
David (Father): The father who toils to see to it that his children go to school.
Magdalene (Mother): Primarily charged with taking care of the home.
Joshua (Son): Never feels that he needs to worry about his studies. He does not like his parents telling him to study.
Susan (Daughter): Like his brother, they are not good at school.
A family argument about the school performance of the daughter and the son turns tragic. Setting
The living room of Mr. David.
David (Turns to Magdalene): At what time are the kids arriving from school? I have errands to run, but I can’t leave without seeing their performance this term. Total waste of money.
Magdalene: I have told you times without number that you need to take it easy. I am sure the kids are trying their best.
David (Looking surprised): Trying their best? Your reasoning leaves me perplexed. Sometimes I wonder whether those kids are really mine. I was never that stupid in class.
(Magdalene turns to him angrily, but before she can utter any word, the door opens and Susan is the first to enter followed by Joshua).
Magdalene: How was the performance this term kids.
Joshua: Normal. It is like the teachers have a hidden agenda against us. Father, did you ever wrong our teachers?
David: (Murmurs to himself) Total waste of money. (Turns to Joshua shouting) you are old enough to get married instead of wasting my money in school. You deserve punishment together with your little brat sister.
Susan (To no one in particular): I have only taken after my parents. Why am I expected to perform at school when none of you was ever bright?
David: You little! I should have married you off to that old man.
Susan: It would have been better than having to go to school.
David: (Tries to slap Susan but misses). You are good for nothing, I wish you can be all gone and leave me in peace.
Joshua: (Turns to his father): Never lay a filthy hand on my sister!
(The two men are up in arms, sizing each other up. Joshua tries to get himself free and pushes his father away. He hits his head on the wall and lays still).
Magdalene (Runs to the aid of her husband and discovers he is not breathing): What have you done? You have killed your father.
Joshua: I have not. The Oldman looked frail and was always at the point of death.
(Magdalene can’t take the shock of her husband’s death and how the kids are free spirited about it. She clutches her lungs gasping for air. Unable to breathe, she falls and lays still).
Susan: (Turns to Joshua): Cheers to freedom.
The play ends with the two leaving the scene unconcerned about what the future holds, but happy that no one will bother them with school matters anymore.
Play Two: Prodigal Daughter
Roseline (Matron): She is responsible for taking care of the kids at the children’s home.
Winnie (Social Worker): Deals with cases concerning ladies at the home.
Marianne (The Lost Girl): The girl that runs away from home to nowhere in particular.
Joseph (Father to Marianne): Follows up on the case of his lost daughter.
Joseph gets a call that his lost daughter has been found at the children’s home. He is called to come and take her home, but before that, they have to solve issues with the matron to know why she ran from home and how she can be helped.
The setting of the play is in the matron’s office.
[Joseph arrives at the children’s home having travelled a long distance from upcountry. He looks tired and worn out. Marriane is elated to see her father and runs into his arms].
Roseline: Welcome Mr. Joseph, sorry for the lon...

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