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Personal Religious Beliefs Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Now it is time to express your own religious beliefs. How would you describe yourself in terms of religion and faith? Devout and traditional, not very profound in your beliefs, or uninterested in organized religion? class is wrt101 college
I'm muslim from turkey I don't what kind information I have to give you this is my first time to order essay if you have any question let me know thank you.


Personal Religious Beliefs
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Personal Religious Beliefs
In terms of my religion and faith, I would consider myself to be a traditional Islam believer, and my interest in an organized religion is not too profound. Although, I practice my faith, read holy books and pray to Muhammad every day before starting my daily errands and activities. When I need to ask for guidance, I do not rely solely on praying to Allah. I know for a fact that prayers are only answered if you do your part in achieving that goal.
When someone tells me that I have to pray more often, I tell them that people have their own decisions and being a good person is what really matters. I still think that doing a lot of positive in the world is more effective than a thousand untrue prayers. In Islam, there is predestination and this guide me in making decisions to continue doing good to others.
Watching the news and seeing all of the things that are happening in the world right now makes me sad. If my faith is not strong enough, I could easily become disheartened and lose the will to live. It is easy to think that even the people who we trust the most can have their minds polluted by evil and corruption, but if these people fear Allah or a supreme being, they know what is right or wrong.
Those who do not have a religion does not necessarily mean they are evil or bad because if they know that goodness needs to be done in all situations, then he or she knows that evil should not exist. I have friends who never got baptized, but they are some of the kindest people I know. Condemning a person because of his or her principles and beliefs is not right as people were given intellect and intelligence to know what is best for them.
I grew up in a traditional family and they were the ones who instilled in me that practicing my faith is very powerful, but to them, practicing is not just about going to church, praying all the time or serving others. It is also about being conscious with one’s own thoughts and having integrity all the time. Doing what is right is not only done when someone is watching, but especially when no one is actually there to watch you. This trait is rare these days because even the most influential people who we think are clean actually have their fair sha...
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