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Multi-Cultural Perspective (Essay Sample)


#1: INDIVIDUAL REFLECTION: Should be at least 1.5 pages! (30 pts)

  1. (5) Clearly indicate your Team # and your name – team #14 name is Daeun Woo

2. Individual reflection on what you learned from a Multi-Cultural Perspective when completing this project (previous thoughts .vs. now and impact to your career)

a. (5) Fears/Anxiety before the team assignments/project

b. (5) Experiences when working with your group

 c. (10) Perspectives about website content & functionality (before .vs. now) *Multi-Cultural Perspective*

 d. (5) Lasting career impact or opportunities

 => Ideally, this should be 4 separate paragraphs - one for EACH of the items listed above


Multi-Cultural Perspective
Institutional Affiliation;
Individual Reflection
Out Team identified as Daeun Woo is comprised of different members with diverse backgrounds and from various cultures. The main cultures represented in the group have made it possible for us as a Team to develop a team project that aims at developing a wine store and a website.
Previously I never had an adequate understanding of the impacts of Multi-Culturalism in groups setting, especially in the completion of tasks. I struggled to understand and adapt in a team that comprised of different people with diverse backgrounds who held on different views influenced by their cultures. However, after being incorporated into such a group, I learned to adapt and to listen to others through healthy communication. This challenged my perceptions and views that opened my mind. Due to this, my career has critically taken a turn since I have learned that different members of my group have different points of view that are significant in the completion of the project. Communication is the only challenge that they face in putting forth their points.
My fears and anxiety before the advancement of this project was on the basis of how my team members from diverse cultures would initiate communication since this was one of the barriers that would hinder the completion of our project. I feared the fact that our project would ...
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