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A Memory Book For My Father's Birthday : How Much Our Dog Loved Him (Essay Sample)


I know this unusual, I am making a memory book for my father for his birthday of our dog. I want a "message" to write to him on the last page of how much our dog loved him. You can just think off the top of your head what to write, but I will include some great ideas.
1. He loved his daddy the most, anytime you would say "daddy's home" Cole (the dog) would give you this smirk and his eyes would open wide and he would get all excited.
2. Every morning he would go upstairs and look out my window and watch him leave for work, and each night he would watch for him to come home.
3. He never would be in a separate room if my dad was in the house, he was always by his side.
4. He loved, loved to fish, and he would never chase a bait like my female dogs, he always sat by my dad's side and watched for the fish, and he was always the first dog to get the fish when we would catch one. If I catch a fish he would take it to dad and vice versa.
5. He loved food, and he would always bark if you told him "no" he could have any, it was the funniest thing.
6. He loved to take my dad's hat off his head and take it outside, he never tore it up he would just lay his head on it.
7. My dad loves to rebuild and redo home projects and that dog loved to steal tools! Every time you would go looking for one and couldn't find it, we first would say "cole has it!"
There are a few pointers. Cole was my dad's best friend, we didn't want another dog after losing our first 3, and definitely didn't want a male. BUT when my dad saw that dogs face he said "I HAVE TO HAVE HIM". My dad loves all his dogs but there was a special place in heart for this dog, he truly was one of a kind.


Dear Dad,
I, like most dogs, only had a brief moment in this place but it has been a spectacular life… because of you and our family. I am so happy that you found me that day and decided to take me home with you. I loved you right away and I knew that we were going to have the best of times. Of course, that's because I am the best dog ever in the world but you're pretty cool, too. On your special day, I want you to know a few things that I might not have been able to tell you while I was still there but I sure hope that I showed it to you every single day that we were together.
Whenever you'd leave in the morning, it would be the saddest part of my day but I always knew that you would come back and play with me again so I never got tired of watching you leave, from the window. While I watched, I would think of all the great things we would do when you get back. If you ever looked back at me and saw me wagging my tail, it just meant that I wished the best for you that day and that you would be safe when you come home. And when I hear the words “Daddy's home!” after waiting the whole day, I cannot help but get over excited

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