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Prepare Leisure Definition Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


i Will attach all the requirements for this essay. please get it done as soon as possible and follow the grading sheet that will be attached with the assignment folder and ii will be also attaching the sample essay that our teacher provided to guide through his writing assignments.


Leisure definition
Professor’s name
RPTA 122
Assignment #
Leisure studies have highlighted the difference between serious and casual leisure, and leisure is closely tied to recreation activities. Typically, serious leisure is associated with the pursuit of amateur, hobbyist and volunteer activities in ways that are found interesting and substantial (Russell 2013). People tend to separate work time and leisure time, as though leisure is a break from the monotonous and stressful work life. However, participation in leisure activities provides opportunities for people to be control, and other experiences where they rare disengaged from the stresses in their lives while providing excitement. This paper focuses on the definition of leisure as recreation activities undertaken during the unobligated time beyond personal care and work commitment.
The definition of leisure in research where one may engage in extensive activities, but they may also not engage in activities during the un-obligated time. The main element of leisure is to foster peaceful existence as one has free to do what they choose. In other words, there is no compulsion when people engage in leisure and recreation activities beyond existence and subsistence. If an individual would prefer not to partake in group or social activities, then the time they participate in such activities does not constitute leisure. At the same time, leisure depends on an individual’s state of being where their perceptions of being free to act where they are motivated to participate in pleasurable activities.
My understanding leisure is an activity undertaken during the free time and centered on fun, recreation and relaxation. When is discretionary time, I have had opportunities to participate to engage in actives and experience when I seek to utilize the time. Even as I agree with the definition of leisure from the research and literature, there is a need to consider the role of families, culture and context in influencing the choice of leisure activities. Additionally, leisure activities influence individual development, and people are more likely to experience leisure within social groups. Social experiences in turn influence self definition and control throughout life.
Even as people choose different leisure activities, they may be limits to the leisure activities they can participate based on their finances, social and environment settings. Leisure activities are popular in some areas more...
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