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The Lancaster Pike And Pennsy Road Intersection In Smithville (Essay Sample)


I have one instruction document and four good examples for you. Please help me write like the examples I have given and follow the instruction step by step. Thanks a lot~


To: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Subject: The Lancaster pike and Pennsy road intersection in Smithville
I am writing this letter to inform you of my concern for the structural design of the Pennsy road intersection in Smithville. Road intersections are points of conflict that are planned. However, there is a lot of planning and engineering that goes into the work to help ensure that accidents are kept at a minimum. Accidents do happen at intersections but it is crucial to ensure that these conflicts are not ticking time bombs. The Lancaster pike and Pennsy road intersection in Smithville appears to be a disaster waiting to happen. Conflicts in this particular intersection can be said to be obvious in that they can be predictable as will be shown below. When the road is used by trucks or semi-trucks, it is possible that conflict will ensue. Additionally, in the event that there is conflict, there is bound to be accidents considering the speed limit has been set at more than 40 miles per hour. The sections below explain my concerns further.
Factors that could contribute to hazards on this intersection include:
* Lack of proper signage on the 272 (Lancaster pike)
Proper signage of roads makes it easier for motorists to know what to expect. Semi-truck motorists, for example, should be made aware of the problem they are about to encounter. This should prepare them as well as the other motorists who will provide the required space to allow semi-truck motorists to make turns or exits.
* Lack of road bumps that often help to reduce the speed of oncoming traffic
Road bumps do help to reduce the speed of vehicles on the road. They help ensure that no accidents happen on the roads. However, while approaching this intersection, there are no road bumps and motorists can drive at high speeds even while approaching the intersection.
* Higher speed limit that makes it impossible for motorists to slow down in time to cross the intersection
Motorists driving towards the intersection can drive at higher speeds while approaching the intersection which could be dangerous for them and other motorists. While approaching the intersection, speed limits should reduce to help motorists transition well into the intersection.
* Narrow road section making it dangerous for motorists with semi-trucks
The road section at Pennsy road is quite narrow and this is a disadvantage for motorists driving trucks and semi-trucks. There appears to be less room to make turns for them and this puts them and the other motorists at a disadvantage.
Short term solutions
- Bumps on the Penny road to slow vehicles approaching the intersection.
- Proper signage on the 272 (Lancaster pike) of the intersection.
- The speed limit on the 272 highway can be reduced to 40m

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