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Introduction and Appendix (Essay Sample)


this is team project. i have to write intodution and appendix parts. we are team six and our team menbers name (Jenna Chasen,Aember Thomas and Daeun Woo) , please read attach files and there are example too. please write similar with example.

Introduction and Appendix
Course title:
This paper provides a Group Report for Team Six with Amber Thomas, Jenna Chasen and Daeun Woo as the group members. When looking for an employment, it is important to possess the right experience, education, and skills. Nonetheless, that is not all that one needs since employers are also searching for various other qualities. It is of major importance to have the right personality for the job. When an employer is assessing job applicants, they are essentially searching for a person who is not just proficient in a certain function, but someone who also possesses the right personality and character quality. The purpose of this Group Report is to identify the noteworthy character qualities of each member of the group and including them into our future employment searches. It is vital to give emphasis to the soft skills that could give the employer an idea of how fast we can adapt and solve problems, how effectively we could motivate and lead other people, and whether we could be depended upon to follow through. In essence, writing this Group Report would also help the three group members to understand that making use of their character qualities would allow us to prepare properly for a successful interview with our potential employer. Furthermore, writing this group report would certainly enable us the group members to identify the potential employers that we would like employ us for in future.
With a lot of university graduates struggling to get a job, it is wise to determine what employers actually look for in an applicant. Regrettably, a college degree might well be inadequate. It is the character qualities that could make one a desired candidate and supplement one’s qualifications. A job interview basically provides the applicant with a chance to convince the potential employer that he or she is really the most appropriate individual for the job position. As such, for one to make his or her best impression, preparing for the job interview must never be neglected. This Group Report is essential given that it shows how people can determine their most significant character traits and how these could be included in a job interview with potential employers. It also underscores the significance of carrying out adequate preparation as well as research prior to an interview. Researching the potential employer prior to the interview is important, as it will enable the job seekers to understand the activities carried out by the company. Moreover, the job seekers would be able to find out more regarding the employer and the potential of the job seeker in that company. This Group Report shows how applicants can identify their most important character traits and market them as they pertain to the job described. By knowing their most important character traits, applicants can position themselves in the employer’s mind as individuals with a particular set of ...
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